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Awesome pics from my last health forum on the upper west side! The next one is Tuesday 2/11 at 7:30. Location- Franciscan center, 97th st between broadway and Amsterdam. This month’s topic is exercise and I will also do a 20 minute basic self defense class. You should come, unless you’re not cool in which case you wouldn’t be coming anyway 😆. Special thanks to #dasheternity for the pics. #healthcoach #healthforum #franciscan #health #exercise #weightloss #forum #seminar #freeseminar #upperwestside #nyc

My months of training paid off! I managed to get my brown belt in Pentjak Silat Pukulan Kilat. On the test itself I got gassed out by the end and realized a need to add interval training into my workout routine.

My new focus moving forward is: Building muscle to support skills necessary in martial arts.

If you look at muscle composition, athletes such as basketball players have a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers developed from years of doing plyometric training whereas body builders have more slow-twitch developed from primarily lifting heavy weight. For martial arts, I want more fast-twitch than slow-twitch so that I’ll be able to be more reactive when it comes to sparring and self-defense.

I also look for ‘functional strength’ which is why I don’t do things like bicep curls which isolate and grow only the bicep- I stick to compound movements which will grow muscle groups around the periphery as well. I’m in the process of designing a new workout and I’m pretty excited about it.

Current Workout Goals:

  • Develop 8lbs of muscle (started with a goal of 10 and I have put on about 2lbs)
  • Develop fast-twitch muscle fibers by doing plyo
  • Improve flexibility
  • Work heavy interval training into my routine


Secondary Goals:

  • Improve vertical


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Gettin ready for the test for Brown. I’ve been doing weight training since 12/22/12 and have been practicing Silat every night.

Up at 6am today eating a small multi grain bread and smart balance peanut butter breakfast. Had a medifast shake, metamucil, and three glasses of water to prep. Official morning weigh in is 150. I began 3ish months ago at 143. I’d estimate I put on 2lbs of muscle which I definitely feel in my training.

Wish me luck team.

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